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Logo Design

All the big brands are recognized by their Logo itself. A Logo is very much required for your unique identity and brand image. Of course, you too want to be a brand and reckoned by your Log

Try D-Harbor InfoSoft ‘s logo designing services, bet you will not regret on your investments. India-designers is one of the leading logo designing companies, unlike others; we offer you high-end designing services at the least prices. We create unique and interactive logos intended to attract and impress the beholders.

Delivering a variety of file formats to your clients will not only leave them satisfied in the long term, but any designer who follows you will also be grateful.

Whether you are printing high quality, adding a logo to a website, or inserting your company logo into a Word document, there are various file formats that should be used over the other.

An EPS file, or Encapsulated PostScript file, is a versatile vector format of your logo. In other words, you can resize your logo as big or small as needed without compromising the quality of the logo.

EPS is compatible with a large number of programs and is great for use with printed elements due to its high quality. Although it cannot be scaled to the desired size like that of JPGs and GIFs are great and preferred for internet use. Due to their smaller file size, they load faster on the web and still look ‘sharp’ to the eye when viewed on a computer monitor. I tend to create these files a little larger than most so my clients are able to downsize as needed.

At D-Harbor InfoSoft, we specialize in creating an affordable custom business logo design for start-ups to established organizations. Our corporate logo design process has been strategically developed to produce highly appealing business logo designs that will give your business instant recognition.

Regardless of your logo needs, our custom company logo designs are one-of-a-kind and are not limited to any particular use. Our Logo Artists have designed logos for a wide variety of functions including:

Small businesses and corporate entities
Marketing logo design
Product logo designing
Internet business logos and web logo designs
Fancy, flashy, stylish, classical, and Modern logo designs
Print logos, stationery designs,
Festival logos, seasonal logo designs, and party logo designs
We create unique logos that present the image you want.

Professional & creative logo design samples
D-Harbor InfoSoft’s Logo Artists create professional logo designs that are in vector formats and can be printable at highest resolutions. We provide you with all of the following vector and bitmap file formats for your convenience: .eps, .ai, .cdr, .emf, .wmf, .psd, .jpg, .gif and .bmp.

Our creative team will develop unique logos to meet your business needs. For each logo project, our highly skilled design team develops three different creative themes and styles. For no additional cost, we tweak and modify your chosen business logo design for an unlimited time.

At D-Harbor InfoSoft we have specifically designed three affordable packages to meet the logo design needs of today’s small businesses and organizations