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Hotel Management system

The Hotel Management system is the best and ideal solution for hospitality management. The hotel management system has various modules working simultaneously. So modules should be uploaded properly. Every hotel or hospitality organization have their own rules and own schedules. So it’s very important for that organization to go for a Custom Hotel Software development. Because it better and efficient when we work in a better processing environment.

When confronted with the issue of managing hotel booking records, the management often gets confused. The decision is indeed hard. Whether to go for a desktop hotel management software that logs in visitor data/stats and maintain a separate online hotel booking module to capture web-based bookings? Often most hotels prefer to get either a single solution or two different solutions which are of course a true headache to manage simultaneously.

You get hotel booking emails in your inbox and you enter them manually to get the correct status of booking on your desktop. Furthermore, if an online booking gets canceled or requests modifications, another exercise of getting it reversed and refunding the amount.

Hundreds of websites are into the business of getting online bookings for hotels worldwide, passing them customers while taking a good share of the booking amount. Yet, this solution is not integrated with their manual booking system.

Gone are the days of these headaches. Computing geeks and software companies are nowadays stressing upon a combust solution that gets you offline and online data syncing at one place or one server.

Consider a scenario where you have a hotel management software installed on your booking table or reception, you have many visitors coming now and then, you also get online bookings. The complete automated hotel reservation software will ease your burden by syncing your offline and online booking together without interfering with each other or creating any confusion regarding one room sold to many people.

How easy it is when you log-in to your system to find out that last night your desktop application software has automatically fetched online room bookings and have distributed them accordingly and you have your payment deposited directly to your bank account.
It works this way: You get two solutions, one is installed on your desktop which is connected 24X7 to the internet, another is your website which has a booking engine installed on it, and both communicate seamlessly with each other. Your hotel website visitor has the facility to view rooms, their pictures, amenities, pricing, and booking a room of his choice. The online module collects data from desktop applications and updates itself regularly so that a customer gets a view of only those rooms which are open for booking and not those which are under hold or already sold to some client. Once a visitor books a room of his choice, the same is relayed to the desktop booking application which stores the information and updates the screen to let the operator know booking status.

What if a room is booked at the same time online and offline? Well, as a practice this can happen, but since your application is intelligent enough, it can book a room only if a person has already paid for that room. So, who pays first, books first. The other person will be notified of this change immediately to allow him to alter his preference and go for another room of his choice.
Hotel owners get their booking system automated without any problem whatsoever or tracking each and every client. Following modules, we always need to take care while developing: Reservations

1. Front Office
2. Point of Sale
3. Accounting
4. House Keeping Store
5. Store

All these modules include things like sales, marketing, billing, room servicing, and room booking, and various other activity. So Hotel Management Software will help you in handling these king of hospitality processes. Custom soft provides you development assistance for this software

Hotel Management Software deals with Hospitality Vertical as the name suggests. The application can handle Hotels & Restaurants operating from different locations. You can create Useful Reports on the fly.
A Full-Fledged Website
SMS & Email Integration
Online Room Booking Facility
Complete Control Over Dynamic Parameters
Bill Generation by Room
Control Over Wastage
Secured Environment
Payment Gateway Integration
Real-time (Room) Inventory Control
Complete Control Over Accounts
KOT Generation
Bill Generation by Restaurant Table
Banquet Management
Reports – To Cater Almost All of Your Needs