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D-Harbor InfoSoft offers internship projects to Engineering and MCA students to give them an exposure to the real-time work environment by letting them work on live projects. The objective of the D-Harbor InfoSoft Internship Program is to assist MCA graduates in enhancing their overall skills set to improve their employability level to match industry expectations. D-Harbor InfoSoft is offering internship programs to MCA and Engineering students, which will be totally a practical exposure to the students

Experience of working on live projects

The internship program is designed to enable interns to work on live projects to give them an opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge they have gained in the classroom. Interns get to see the immediate impact of programming tools and techniques applied by them.

Benefits for students

More and more corporations around the world recognize that, in order to gain a competitive advantage, they need to make sure their people know how to handle themselves at work and how to relate with the new technologies. Some of the things, which students will learn during their internship are:

  • Real-time trainees Always the employer prefers to go for a person who has the experience, because, by hiring an inexperienced person the company has to incur an additional cost on the training of the candidate, so always they try to avoid going for a fresher. To remove this barrier for the fresher’s D-Harbor InfoSoft is giving them an opportunity to become a real-time trainee in the best and top most companies.
  • Assured opportunities in top companies Doing an internship in D-Harbor InfoSoft can fetch you a better and bright future by giving an opportunity of being placed in the top companies. We have a track record of giving placement assistance to the outperformed students in their internship program to the well-known companies in the IT sector. Come grab opportunities and make your carrier successful.
  • Exposure to current technologies In today’s world, academic knowledge alone is not sufficient to grow and excel in life; you need something more which adds up to your qualification. As we already told, you will be treated as a real-time trainee; you will be exposed to the latest technologies in the market, which will give you a better chance of placement.
  • Corporate culture Along with the knowledge and skills, it is very important to know the corporate culture that you have to follow in the corporate world. Even though you are not an employee of the company, you will be working with the employees of the company through which you can learn about the corporate culture and the organization structure.


There are many colleges, which are offering engineering and technical courses to the students, through which students can gather only the theoretical knowledge about the subject, but there will be a lot of difference between theory and practical. At last, students are not getting a practical exposure of the subjects they study, so to fill this in the fresher’s D-Harbor InfoSoft is offering the internship program for Technical students. Students who do an internship with D-Harbor InfoSoft can learn about the latest technologies that are existing in the market. In addition, you will be working with a team of experts in the company where you have a chance of learning from their experience and you can have a real working environment in the company

Job assistance

D-Harbor InfoSoft offers job assistance to interns based on their performance during internship projects. Along with the internship, we also help the students to perform exceptionally in their final placements. D-Harbor InfoSoft itself hires a lot of fresh Engineering and MCA graduates for its own internal requirement other than that we also have a dedicated recruitment team to assist them for placement at our associated companies.

Internship certificate

All the students who successfully complete their projects with D-Harbor InfoSoft will get an internship certificate, which will give them a big edge over their peers while applying for final placement. At the end of the internship, the Project Guide will review the final project report and the daily reports of interns before handing over the certificates.

*Note – This Internship Certificate will be sent to the Placement Officer of the college. Interns can collect the same from their Placement Officer.

Benefits for college

Not only students but colleges also benefit from getting associated with D-Harbor InfoSoft for the Internship Program. Some of the direct benefits what college gets are

  • Higher placements percentage
  • As we help students for getting a final job it helps colleges also in improving their overall placement track record.
  • Enhanced college brand image in the corporate world
  • D-Harbor InfoSoft internship program is well recognized by a lot of leading MNC companies and is keen to hire Engineering and MCA students who have done their internship projects with us. It works like a big push for college brand awareness when their students do their internship with D-Harbor InfoSoft.
  • Higher placement packages for students
  • Reduced burden on college career placement office

To enroll for D-Harbor InfoSoft Internship Program Call Us At +91-7891668866 or E-Mail Us – info@d-harbor.com

Career With Us

D-Harbor InfoSoft is filled with smart people, each of whom are actively involved in helping industries around the world do something better, more efficiently, and more productively. Meet Harborers who are helping to build a smarter planet in their own unique ways.

Build Your Career at D-Harbor InfoSoft

From consulting to research, software to sales, there is bound to be an opportunity for you to build the career you want at one of the most successful companies.

If you wish to work with us, you must bring extreme and infectious passion to work, be able to use your own mind, and consistently deliver…

Currently, we are looking for people for the following profiles:

Job Title: Magento Developer

What do you need to do?

  • Develop eCommerce portal in Magento
  • Develop web applications in Core PHP
  • Magento Customization

What do you need to have?

  • Minimum 1.5-2 years of experience in Magento development.
  • Minimum 1.5-2 years of experience in Core PHP development.
  • Working knowledge of WordPress and other frameworks.
  • Working knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Should have excellent logical and coding skills.

Job Title: Business Development Executive

We are hunting for a business development executive who is conversant with the nuances of marketing and has a knack for choosing the best out of the good ones, because that’s what the clients want, As a business development executive at D-Harbor InfoSoft, you will be master of all trades. If you can think like an entrepreneur, it will be a bonus for us and more incentive for you.


What do you need to do?

  • Interact with prospective clients educate them about D-Harbor InfoSoft, and say the right things at the right time. You must have good listening skills for obvious reasons.
  • Create new leads, convert leads, and manage leads.
  • Be a sound strategist and actively involved in the pre-sales planning phase.
  • Be the bridge between the client and creative team ability to differentiate the outstanding from excellent…
  • Comprehend client requirements and strategize marketing solutions to convert their dreams into quantifiable results.

What do you need to have?

  • Minimum of six months of experience in Marketing Communication space.
  • A non-conformist who is ready to unlearn and has the ability to think laterally.
  • Who regards Kotler as a good marketer but can outsmart and outthink the textbook rules.
  • You are in if you have a significant network of influential people.
  • Remarkable communication skills to be able to connect with the prospective customer and make them believe ‘impossible’ is nothing. Preferably be well-read and well-informed.